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Advisory notice pursuant to [Italian] Legislative Decree dated 30/06/2003 governing the confidentiality of personal data. Pursuant to and in accordance with [Italian] Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June, 2003, please be advised that the company Elmi srl processes data concerning its customers, suppliers and all other persons who voluntarily provide their personal information to our sales office or to our general management (by telephone, telefax or e-mail). This company guarantees that, as required by current legislation, the processing of personal data respects the fundamental rights, freedoms, and personal dignity of the persons providing such data, with specific reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to the confidentiality of personal data.

Purpose and objective of data processing:

Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, EU norms, civil and tax legislation; compliance with contractual obligations in regard to the subjects; fulfilment of services related to our company’s corporate activities, such as the compilation of internal statistics, invoicing and customer/supplier book-keeping; activities conducted for commercial purposes, including the distribution of commercial data and advertising material (by mail, telefax or e-mail), marketing and market research; protection of credit and administration of liabilities; procedures regarding insurance, with specific reference to credit insurance. With reference to the above, and where necessary, your personal data may be communicated to: public administrative and municipal offices, where envisaged by the law; banking institutes with which our company has dealings, regarding the administration of assets/liabilities and intermediation in financing transactions; all natural persons and/or legal entities, public and/or private (attorneys, business consultants, accounting offices, courts, chambers of commerce etc.), when the provision of your personal data is deemed useful or necessary to the management of dealings with our company, and also in compliance with the purposes and objectives listed above.

The personal data processed by our company shall not be divulged. Processing of personal data may take place with or without the use of telematic or automated instruments, and contemplates all the processes specified in article 4, paragraph 1, section a of [Italian] Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June, 2003, which are necessary for the purposes of processing. In all cases, the data shall be processed in full compliance with all legal obligations concerning security and confidentiality.

The law governing the confidentiality of personal data entitles the subject to exercise specific rights pursuant to article 7: specifically, the subject may request and obtain confirmation of the existence or non-existence of personal data regarding him- or herself, including data not yet stored in memory, as well as an intelligible summary of said data and the purposes for which its processing is based, as well as the names of the data controller and the person tasked with processing and the persons or categories of persons to whom such data may be transmitted. In addition, the subject may confirm and check his or her data, as well as request its rectification or integration, or its cancellation, blocking or transformation into an anonymous format in the event that the processing of the data should be in breach of the law. The subject may also oppose, whether in whole or in part, the processing of his or her data, and also request its cancellation, blocking or transformation into an anonymous format, without the need for justifiable motives, in the event that the data should be used for commercial information purposes, for the distribution of advertising material, direct sales, market research or opinion polls.

The rights referred to above may be exercised by the subject, or by a designated person, by forwarding the relative request to the data controller: Elmi GmbH, Handwerkerzone 25, I-39052 Kaltern (BZ), either by registered letter or by e-mail to the following address: [email protected] Data Controller: Elmi GmbH, with registered offices in I-39052 Kaltern (BZ), Handwerkerzone 25.


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